Cell-Free Protein Production Workshops

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CESG held two workshops on wheat germ cell-free protein production. The first workshop was held from July 30-August 4, 2006. The second workshop was held from July 22-25, 2007.

The workshops were conducted by Dmitriy Vinarov, PhD, MBA, and Carrie Loushin Newman, PhD, and gave participants a unique opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with cell-free protein production from wheat germ extracts. It covered various aspects of small-scale expression screening (g quantities of attendee-nominated target protein) and large-scale production (mg quantities of target protein selected from attendee efforts) of labeled proteins for NMR spectroscopy or crystallization screening. Both manual and automated procedures were covered and participants worked on their own targets.

The workshop was sponsored by CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd., Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Promega, and Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

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