Technology Dissemination Reports

# Description PDF Word
001 Sesame Laboratory Information Management for Structural Genomics x x
002 Target Trace and PepcDB Generation Software x x
003 Use of a High-Resolution Genome Tiling Array to Identify the Presence of Target Genes in a cDNA Pool x x
004 Evaluation of Low-Complexity in Amino Acid Sequences for Target Selection in Structural Genomics x x
005 Economical Approaches to the Production of [Se-Met]-, [U-15N]- and [U13C, U15N]-Labeled Proteins from Escherichia coli Cells x x
006 Factorial Evolved Auto-Induction Medium x x
007 Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Production and Stable-Isotope Labeling Platform for NMR-Based Structural Proteomics x x
008 Small-Scale Semi-Automated Purification of Eukaryotic Proteins for Structure Determination x x
009 Ensemble Refinements of Protein Structures x x
010 ACMI-Automatic Crystallography Map Interpretation x x
011 HIFI-NMR (High-Resolution Iterative Frequency Identification for NMR) x x
012 HIFI-C (High-resolution Iterative Frequency Identification of Couplings) x x
013 LACS (Linear Analysis of Chemical Shifts) x x
014 PINE (Probabilistic Inference Network of Evidence) x x
015 Structural Genomics Methods Applied to Production of TEV Protease x x
016 Structural Genomics Methods Applied to Production of the Monotopic Membrane Protein Human Cytochrome b5 and in situ Delivery to Liposomes x x
017 Customized Expression Vector Platform x x
018 Materials Distribution x x
019 CrystalFarm Pro Software Package x x
020 Activity and Topology Determination of In vitro Expressed Membrane Proteins x x
021 Co-Expression of Protein:Protein Complexes Using a Wheat Germ Cell-Free System x x
023 Development of Detergent Arrays for Membrane Protein Compatibility Screening x x
024 Expression and Purification of Bacteriorhodopsin using Protemist XE with Detergents x x
025 Protease Based Salvage Pathways x x
026 Protease Based Salvage Pathways: Screening Prior to Large Volume Cleavage x x
027 New Expression Vectors for Small-Scale Cell-Based Protein Production and Purification x x
028 Platform Expression Vectors in Use at CESG x x
029 Identification of Protein-Protein Complex Formation and Co-Expression in Cell-Based Platform x x
030 Detergent Solubilization Screening for Membrane Proteins Expressed in E. coli x x
031 Cell-Free Expression Screening Through Overlap Extension PCR x x
032 Optimization of Membrane Protein Production in E. coli and Robotic Purification x x